Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of these terms & conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:

(a) “The Company” shall mean Think Gas Heating Services LTD. (b) “The Customer” shall mean the

person or organisation for whom the Company agrees to carry out works &/or supply materials. The

Operative or Engineer shall mean the representative appointed by the Company.

1. Think Gas Heating Services LTD will undertake work booked and for the price agreed in

writing. Whilst every effort is made to make sure all details of the job are covered before work

commences, sometimes things are missed or there are parts of the job which are impossible

to quote for until work has commenced.

1b. If additional work is necessary to complete the quoted job, then this will be discussed with the

customer before work is carried out. An oral agreement for additional work is all that is necessary,

unless either party feels it should be written.

1c. If the customer is not available to discuss the additional work with after reasonable effort is made

to contact the customer, then it will be assumed that the additional work is permitted to be carried out,

and invoiced as such. This situation is rare as the customer is normally at home during undertaken

work, or easy to contact via phone.

1d. If additional work is refused, then Think Gas Heating Services LTD will undertake the parts of the

quoted work that are still able to be carried out, with the full invoice still billable on completion.

1e. Think Gas Heating Services LTD cannot be held responsible for the overall effectiveness,

presentation, and completion of the original quoted work, should the customer refuse any necessary

additional work.

1f. If the customer wants to add additional work to the quote, then Think Gas Heating Services LTD

reserve the right to refuse.

2. Should there be found any dangerous, perished, missing, corroded or faulty equipment,

fixtures, fittings or parts then Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be held responsible

should they fail in any way, nor responsible for what damage they may cause or additional

costs needed to fix. Sometimes these are impossible to diagnose as faulty until after they

have failed.Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be liable should existing parts fail when

used for their intended purpose

2a. A very good example of this is hot water cylinders with seized immersion elements. When

changing a hot water cylinder immersion element, it has been known for the cylinder to split when

trying to extract the element. This can cause leaks and significant damage, not to mention the cost of

a new cylinder. Think Gas Heating Services LTD are not responsible should this happen, as it would

be impossible to tell the integrity of the cylinder or the physical state of the immersion element until

after it has failed, which would then be too late. It is very rare this happens; it can usually be spotted

that such a failure may occur, but not always.

2b. Another example are pipes which have been incorrectly fitted or ‘bodged’ together. Should this

part need to be disassembled or removed, it will be impossible to put back in such a ‘bodged’ manner,

so it will be billed to put back together correctly, including any new parts needed.

2c. Any corroded parts, fittings or fixtures which must be taken apart in a way not designed by the

manufacturer i.e.. Ripped apart or cut off, will also need to be replaced, and billed as such

2d. Should there be anything that constitutes a danger to person or property, or does not meet legal

requirements, then this will have to be rectified, at cost to the customer, before further work can be

carried out.

3. Think Gas Heating Services LTD work to strict building, gas, water and health and safety

regulations. If work already carried out in the place of work is deemed to not be up to these

current standards, then Think Gas Heating Services LTD could be deemed liable in a court of

law, so the onus of rectifying this work would fall on Think Gas Heating Services LTD, at cost

to the customer, or the situation made safe.

3a. A good example of this would be an undersized gas pipe to a boiler. The installer may have

installed incorrectly sized pipework, thus making the boiler dangerous to operate. If working on this

boiler and this fault is found, then it then becomes mandatory for Think Gas Heating Services LTD to

either fix the issue, or make safe the boiler.Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be held

responsible for switching off or disconnecting any appliance, gas or water structure if it is deemed


4. Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be held responsible for damage to any furnishings,

fixtures or items that are in the way of the engineer undertaking the work. The customer is

asked to move anything they believe may be in the engineer’s way while undertaking work. If

they are not removed, then the customer may be asked to move them with additional fees

being added should this take a considerable time.

4a.Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be responsible for anything which is in the way of the

engineer undertaking their work, nor any accidental damage to items which have not been removed.

4b. The customer is required to remove carpets and furnishings so the engineer can remove

floorboards, where necessary. Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be responsible for any

damage or presentation should the customer fail to do so

5. If a deposit is required, the amount is to be transferred to the bank details below. As soon as

the deposit has been received and cleared, the job will be deemed to be booked as per the

agreed date and time.

5a. Should the deposit be delayed in being transferred and Think Gas Heating Services LTD no

longer has the dates available, then the deposit will be transferred back once the customer has sent

their banking details or alternatives dates will be booked.

5b. Once the deposit has been sent, it will be refundable up to 48 hours before the date the work is

due to commence. Cancellation will need to be discussed and confirmed with Think Gas Heating

Services LTD in writing before this deadline. Any cancellations less than 48 hours before the date of

work commencing will result in the loss of the deposit,

5c. Should Think Gas Heating Services LTD cancel the job, for whatever reason, then the deposit will

be returned as soon as possible,

5d. Payment for the work undertaken is to be made, and cleared, on completion, on the same day,

unless otherwise agreed in writing.

5e. Payments are to be made by bank transfer, cash, or card. Card payments will incur a 5% fee.

5f. Should payments not be made on time, thenThink Gas Heating Services LTD reserve the right to

pursue any monies owed through the legal system, including additional cost of legal fees and interest

added to the invoice at the rate of 4% over the base rate.

6. Whilst reasonable effort will be made to work in a safe and secure premise, Think Gas

Heating Services LTD will not be deemed responsible should anyone on the premises injure

themselves or cause damage to property whilst work is being undertaken. The customer is

responsible for everyone, apart from employees of Think Gas Heating Services LTD, during

the time work is undertaken and must act as such. Any damage caused by the customer will

be billable.

7. The customer waives their right to a 14-day cooling off period under the Consumer Contract

(Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013

8. Any, and all, work will not be deemed to be completed until the end of the quoted work.

7a. Any, and all, works will not be at the finished standard until Think Gas Heating Services LTD has

finished and gives the customer the invoice.

7b. Should the customer decide they no longer want Think Gas Heating Services LTD back to carry

on works carried out, for whatever reason, then the full invoice will be payable. This also includes

same day work, should the engineer leave the premises for whatever reason.

7c. The customer holds no right to withhold any tools or materials brought onto the premises. They

must be made available immediately or legal proceedings will be brought to retrieve these items, for

which the customer will be fully liable, including loss of earnings.

7d. Any, and all, items that were not on the premises before the job was quoted for remain the

property of Think Gas Heating Services LTD and access cannot be denied retrieving them.

7e. If the customer is dissatisfied with the work for any reason, then they reserve the right to pursue

whatever channel they deem necessary. Withholding payment, however, is not one of those rights.

9. Unfortunately, from time to time, unexpected things happen which are out of the control of

Think Gas Heating Services LTD, Examples include the breakdown of vehicles, medical and

personal emergencies, weather, traffic, and technological failure (sat nav or phone inoperable

for example). The delivery of parts can also be delayed .

8a. If any of these scenarios arise,Think Gas Heating Services LTD will do their best to advise the

customer about the situation and how it impacts the job. This may mean the cancellation or

postponement of some or part of the job. If this is the case, we will try to come to an arrangement

about the work that is required. Think Gas Heating Services LTD are not responsible for how this may

impact the customer as these situations are deemed out of our control.

8b. If partial work has already been carried out, and it cannot be completed, then a fair and

reasonable negotiation shall take place to settle the invoice to that date. This will be proportional to

the agreed quote.

10. Any, and all, parts, purchased by the customer will not be subject to any warranty. Should the

parts be deemed to have caused damage, failure or fault to the work completed, then the

guarantee for the work carried out will be deemed void.

9a. If the parts supplied by the customer are not sufficient to complete the work as quoted, then

additional costs may be added on to do so.

11. The customer has statutory rights on parts supplied and labour undertaken byThink Gas

Heating Services LTD . Should anything go wrong with anything supplied or installed, then

Think Gas Heating Services LTD will make reasonable effort to sort the issue as soon as

practicable. If the fault lies with a manufacturers part, then the part will be replaced free of

charge, but labour may be billable. If the cost of the labour can be recovered from the

manufacturer, then this will be sent to the customer after the invoice is paid.

11a. Any signs of tampering will make any warranty and guarantee void. Defects or flaws which are

as a result of any misuse, failure to adequately and properly maintain, neglect or failure to follow

instructions or recommendations will also void warranty.

11b. Any warranty ceases should the customer, or someone authorised by the customer, not live at

the address.

11c. If, after the Company shall have carried out the works, the Customer is not wholly satisfied with

the works then the Customer shall give notice in writing within 12 months to the Company & shall

afford the Company, and its insurers, the opportunity of both inspecting such works, & carrying out

any necessary remedial works if appropriate. The Customer accepts that if he fails to notify the

Company as previously mentioned then the Company shall not be liable in respect of any defects in

the works carried out.

11d. Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be held responsible should the customer decide to get

any repairs done elsewhere, nor will they be liable for any invoices, unless otherwise agreed in


12. Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not listen to, or adhere to, any advice or demand, from

anyone other than an official governing body.

13. Think Gas Heating Services LTD will not be responsible for electrical failures to any part or

component within a system that an engineer is, or has worked on.

13a. A prime example of this is boilers that have had the power supply interrupted to them, whilst

being worked on, that then do not operate correctly after woulds. This is a common problem in the


14. Think Gas Heating Services LTD holds personal liability insurance cover which will cover up

to £5million pound worth of damage caused by the company. This does not affect the

payment terms and conditions

15. Any, and all, waste from the job will be deemed as the customers unless otherwise stated by

the company.

16. If any part of the job is deemed unsafe by Think Gas Heating Services LTD , then some or all

of the work will cease.Think Gas Heating Services LTD reserve the right to refuse or decline

any work at its own discretion.

17. All quotes are valid for 14 days after being sent

18. These terms & conditions may not be released, discharged, supplemented, interpreted, varied

or modified in any manner except by an instrument in writing signed by a duly authorised

representative of the Company & by the Customer. Further, these terms & conditions shall

prevail over any terms & conditions used by the Customer or contained or set out or referred

to in any documentation sent by the Customer to the Company; by entering into a contact with

the Company the Customer agrees irrevocably to waive the application of any such terms &

conditions. By entering into any further communication or interaction with the company, the

customer wholly understands and accepts all terms and conditions as written.

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Think Gas Heating Services LTD

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